How can my Website show up First on Google?

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How can my website have a better ranking on Google?

It sucks working hard every day on your business and providing a valuable service, only to be at the bottom of the list on Google. How do we solve this problem? By far the best way to easily boost your numbers is to learn how to master Google My Business (GMB).

This is a Google My Business lisiting on Google Maps
This is a Google My Business lisiting on Google Maps

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a program that allows you to manage your business on Google Maps, the most important listing a local business has. Information such as your business's services, location, and hours can all be seen from your Google My Business Listing. It is important to create or claim your Google My Business listing, if it is not claimed then it can be changed by anyone in the public and may be losing you business or misinforming customers (search your business here).

How to take advantage of my GMB listing

Now that you have access to your GMB account and listing, here are some easy tips to boost your position to the top of Google.

  • Make sure your business services are accurate
  • Respond to your reviews
  • Respond to GMB messages
  • Add pictures
  • Use the post feature and add content weekly
  • Encourage and ask your customers to leave a Google Review

Above all else, interacting with your listing weekly is the best way for Google to know that you are an active business and rewards this effort with a higher recommendation rate than your competitors.

For more tips on ranking higher on Google, check out more of our blogs below. If you think organic marketing is right for you and your company, schedule a consultation here! We would love to chat.

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