MAM SEO Journey - Month One Review

Computer showing analytics

Month One Review!

Welcome back to our monthly blog series dedicated to showing how quality SEO (organic website marketing) can set a business on the path to success. As a test subject, we will be using our very own website. This month we will be focusing on keyword growth.

Keyword Growth- What does Google know about our website?

What is a keyword? Keywords are search terms that clients use to find the services and products they are looking for. When your website ranks for a keyword, Google knows that your business provides value for someone searching that keyword. Having many keywords is similar to having a fishing net. The larger your net, the more fish (clients) you will catch. This month we were able to increase our keywords from 12 to 45! 

Traffic - How many potential clients are organically visiting our website?

This month for over a week, we were receiving 100 organic visitors per day because of a single blog! As the site grows and gains more authority, this number will grow exponentially.

Thank you for reading and celebrating our excellent results this month! Check back next month on June 16th to see our next update!

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