Modern Age Marketing's SEO Journey - Month Zero

Google Neon Sign

Welcome to our SEO Journey!

This will be a monthly series dedicated to showing how quality SEO can set a business on the path to success. As a test subject, we will be using our very own website. We will include the site health (read more about site health here), traffic numbers, and authority score of our own website each month.

Authority Score - What does Google think of us?

Let's break down the numbers and see what they mean. Our first number is authority score. Authority score is a number calculated by the SEMrush algorithm that summarizes how trustworthy and powerful your website is according to Google. Your website is ranked from 0 (being the lowest) to 100. As this number ranking is comparing all websites globally, it is not realistic for a local business like a coffee shop or dental office to naturally score above a 35 (a very impressive ranking). We are beginning with an 8. As we build more links to other websites and create more content that provides valuable information to our clients, this number will grow.

Traffic - How many potential clients are organically visiting our website?

Although our total site traffic is around 60 users per month on average, our organic traffic is 0. Why is that? Organic traffic means that the potential client found our website through organic and unpaid means, such as the Google algorithm suggesting our content. Let's check-in next month and see what our numbers look like!

Site Health - How well built is our website?

98% site health means that our website has been crafted with care and is functioning great! Google will be sure to happily recommend our site's content as it can easily read and understand what we have built. This website is in the top 1% of healthy websites.

We are so happy to bring you along on our journey, check back next month on April 18th to see our next update!

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