Mystic Solar solar panels

Mystic Solar

"You can save more money with better solar, and you can save more than just money with solar. Save time, save fossil fuels, save yourself the hassle of grid outages—with SunPower solar + storage you don’t have to choose."

Meet Smaran Shrestha

As a solar expert for the past 8 years I’ve worked with many solar programs with different states, numerous utility companies and thousands of homeowners in the country. I am now settled in the north east for the past 5 years working in RI and CT. I started my solar career in the sunny California.

As a matter of fact, I could never imagine solar existence in the cold New England, but the programs here are just as good and my love for the region never stops growing. I never wanted to go back! In addition, solar works just as great here as you can see it booming.

My primary goal is to educate home owners on the solar options and answer any questions related to their situation. Since, every house and every home owner has different circumstances. I will customize and advise the best plan with good ethics and understanding for everyone’s needs.

Interested in a solar quote?

Click the link here to visit their website for an online quote or call at (801) 369-2445, we are so happy to be showcasing Smaran, his company is undoubtedly the best up and coming solar company in southern New London county.

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