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Outgrowing Shopify

Credit where credit is due, Shopify provides the most user-friendly, feature-filled, and convenient e-commerce (digital store) solutions available. Shopify has placed the superpower of being able to easily sell anything on the internet into the hands of small businesses. This privilege was previously only available to massive enterprises.

What are the objections to Shopify?

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One of the main reasons we see businesses leave Shopify is the lack of customization and room to build a platform. What do we mean by that? Shopify uses what's called a template system. All websites built in Shopify have a set number of pre-designed pieces created to showcase products (along with a simple blog system). These pre-made pieces are like Legos. A business owner with minimal experience can put them together to form a beautiful website capable of selling their product. This makes Shopify fantastic for a new business that needs to get online, but what is the next step in scaling their website and platform? This issue is the current problem with Shopify. To expand your Shopify site, it has to be custom coded, which will cost tens of thousands of dollars, and require significant time to develop.

Steep prices lead most business owners to change platforms to a more affordable platform such as WordPress. These WordPress sites still cost many thousands and have countless technical issues and security risks. The convenience of synchronizing POS through Shopify (Point Of Sale system, a digital register like Square in retail stores) is lost. It means significantly more time is wasted cross-referencing stock numbers and adding products to multiple systems (website, FB/ Instagram stores, and POS).


No fear! There is a way to keep the convenience of the Shopify platform but the customization of a hand-coded website, Combination Websites. What is a combination website? By combining a Webflow website with a Shopify website, the convenience and power of the Shopify backend are maintained while benefiting from the customizability of a Webflow website. This solution means there is no disruption or added complexity to the existing Shopify system. The Webflow website houses all the highly customizable blogs and other content that cannot be implemented on the Shopify website. The two sites are then given the same visual style and linked together, making the user's seamless experience.

Are you interested in a quote on a combination site? Contact us through our consultation link here, and we can help your e-commerce journey reach the next level.

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