What is Organic Traffic?

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Direct Vs. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the visitors to your website that were routed there for free, such as by having great SEO and being recommended by Google.

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Direct Marketing

Direct traffic is a common practice amongst most businesses, and the easiest to understand. Billboards, newspaper ads, mass emails, and digital targeted ads, are all examples of marketing that produce direct traffic. Customers see these advertisements and become informed about your company and if they need your service, they attempt to contact you. Direct marketing = direct payment per viewership. The larger the budget, the more people the advertisement reaches.

Organic Marketing

Organic Marketing is the lesser utilized method of marketing but this leaves its potential untapped. Examples of organic marketing are word of mouth, Youtube, unpaid social media posts, SEO, and blogs. These marketing avenues are not directly affected by the budget allocated to them, but by the quality and sharability of the content. Internet algorithms are just like loyal customers, if your business is trustworthy and does a good job, it will tell everyone they meet about you for free. The main advantage of organic marketing is that it doesn't stop working when you cut the budget. The content and goodwill you have created will continue to be valuable and bring in customers.

Which type of Marketing should I use?

There is no correct answer and every business is different. The best choice is to put effort into both forms of marketing as they complement each other. Direct marketing brings in customers to increase interactions with your organic marketing content, furthering the reach and authority of that content and pulling in more customers. On the other side, great organic marketing can vastly improve the quality of your direct advertisements and in the case of Google Ads, even make them cheaper.

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