What is SEO?

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What does Search Engine Optimization mean?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; it's the process of ensuring that Google can recommend your website's content to potential customers.

What is the job of Google? Why do we trust it to answer our questions correctly, even more than our friends and family? The answer to these questions is the incredible and complex search algorithm. Google weighs multiple factors about all of the websites and content on the internet and asks, "Is this trustworthy?". So what makes a website trustworthy? There are three main factors that Google uses to determine if your business is reliable: site health, high-quality content, and backlinks.

Site Health

No matter how great your business services its clients or how valuable the content on your website might be, it does not guarantee SEO success. If Google cannot read and understand what's there, it cannot recommend your website. There are various mechanisms that well-built websites use to inform Google about what is on each webpage of a site. When used correctly, Google can accurately assess and recommend your website's services to potential clients. If you are curious about the health of your website, click the link here to schedule a free consultation call with us; we can help you make some quick improvements (we are happy to help!).

High-Quality Content

How long do visitors to your website stay? How many pages do they visit? How is the visitor interacting with your website? These are all questions Google asks as they indicate the usefulness of your website. If users are clicking on your website and are quickly leaving, don't stay for very long or don't interact with your website? Google will assume that your service or content is not very useful or is not accurately advertising its value. How do we best satisfy Google's expectations? Be honest about your services and provide valuable and easy-to-understand content on your website. An example is having strong main pages (Home, Services, Contact) and blogs like the one you are reading right now!


What is a backlink? Backlinks are links (like this!) on another business's website or blog that send visitors to your website. One of the most potent factors in having a trustworthy website is having multiple reputable companies link to your business. To Google, this is a seal of approval from one company given to another. The bigger the company and website providing your website the link, the more trustworthy it is to Google. Ask businesses you know if they could add a link to your website to their own. It will make a massive difference to the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

Want to Learn More about SEO?

Check out more of our blogs below or visit SEMrush.com for a technical deep-dive. Do you want to talk strategy for your website? Please take advantage of our free consultation calls available at the link here. We would love to help you improve your business's inbound marketing.

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